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The Almal Group is a privately held group with diverse interests in the field of Manufacturing, Real Estate, Agency Representation and Facility Management. While we subscribe to the theory that the primary objective of any business enterprise must be the achievement of robust topline and bottomline growth, we at Almal Group however also strongly believe that for growth to be sustainable, the same should be achieved not at the cost of our associates and employees but rather by ensuring that they also benefit from the same.

We continuously strive to deliver to our customers the best products and services. Our Chairman has always maintained that a satisfied customer and a satisfied employee are the most valuable assets, the existence of which is essential for the survival and growth of any business. We strongly believe that our diverse business activities can only flourish and grow if we provide value to our clients.

We believe that the best way to sum up our vision is “in business take care of your relationships and the economics of business will take care of  themselves”.